Updated: Someone pointed out to me that masternodes.online has these features built in, behind a “show/hide data filtering” link. I don’t know if that’s a recent addition, or if I just missed it. I had fun building this tool, anyway!

I like to mess around in the dodgy end of the cryptocurrency shitcoin pool, running some masternode coins (stay tuned for a series of blog posts on that topic).

If I’m thinking about investing in a new masternode coin, I usually head to masternodes.online and start clicking around to see what’s available. But, it’s frustrating that there isn’t an easy way to filter the data like this:

  • Only show me coins whose market cap is at least $XXX
  • …and whose trading volume is at least $YYY
  • …and whose RoI is at least ZZ%

So, I built a tool that does exactly that. Here it is. I hope people find it useful. Please reply here if you do, or if you can think of other features it needs.


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